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Braintree Merchant Account Options

This document describes the settings required for eT Club Manager to function properly, along with other recommended settings. We will typically set this up for you if have created a user id for us as noted in the Setup Guide.

Required Information

Processing Options

Recurring Billing Plans


Required Information

From the Braintree Gateway you will need the following information:

  • Merchant ID
  • Public Key
  • Private Key

This should be entered into the eT Club Manager Club options.

Processing Options

The following processing options should be set.

Payment Options

eT Club Manager currently supports only Paypal and regular credit card transactions. We will notify you as other payment methods are supported, at which time they can be enabled in the Braintree Gateway control panel.


If you wish to allow Paypal be accepted for your club, turn on the Paypal switch. This will prompt you to log on to your Paypal account. To link your Paypal Account, logon to your Paypal account and supply the URL's for your club's privacy policy and terms of use.

Fraud Tools

CVV Options

We recommend checking the following options to reject any transaction if:

  • CVV does not match
  • CVV not provided
  • CVV is not verified


Member's payment information is not stored in eT Club Manager. The Braintree Gateway will securely store payment methods for auto-renewal. If you intend to enable auto-renewal, we recommend you turn the following options on:

  • Card Verification
  • Retry failed $0 authorizations as $1 authorizations


Please turn on Duplicate Transaction Checking to prevent requests from accidentally posting twice.

Recurring Billing

If you intend to enable auto-renewal, we recommend checking Automatically retry failed transactions and setting the first and second retries about 10 days apart, then leaving the subscription past due if both fail. An email message will be sent to the member notifying them that thier membership is past due, and a message will be displayed to members the next time they log on.

Recurring Billing Plans

From the side bar menu, select plans under recurring billing. The following plan type templates need configured:

Plan ID Name Description Price Billing Cycle
M Monthly Monthly Template 1.00 1
Q Quarterly Quarterly Template 1.00 3
A Annually Annual Template 1.00 12
S Seasonally Seasonal Template 1.00 12

Do not include a trial period.

Check the following options for all templates:

  • First Bill Date Immediately
  • Never Expires


Webhooks are what allows the Braintree Gateway to notify the eT Club Manager service when a member's subscription has been charged for an auto-renewal. This will update the member's expiration date.

Select Webhooks under Settings from the menu. Create a new webhook with the following URL: where XXXX is the Club Number.

Check the following options:

  • Canceled
  • Charged Successfully
  • Charged Unsuccessfully