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eT Club Manager Setup

eT Club Manager setup is pretty straight forward. During setup you will be assigned a Club Number to identify your club. This is the unique key to your club. This guide will walk you through the following steps to setup service for your club.

  1. Braintree Merchant Account Setup
  2. Setup Club Options
  3. Enter Payment Information for eT Club Manager service
  4. Create Membership Plans
  5. We'll setup your payment processing
  6. Publish Club Links
  7. Optional Website Integration into your existing website
  8. Start signing up members!

Braintree Merchant Account Setup

A Braintree merchant account is the recommended method for processing credit card transactions. While a standard Paypal option is available, only Braintree will support the auto-renewal of memberships. If you don't already have a Braintree merchant account, you can create one here: Braintree Application

Once your Braintree account is established and approved, we will configure your club's payment processing options for you. In order for us to do so, please create a user id for us and email us with your Club Number.

Create a User ID

  1. Log onto the Braintree Gateway
  2. From the menu under Settings, select Users and Roles
  3. Click the New User button.
  4. Specify the following options:


Check the following options:

  • API Access
  • Account Admin
  • All Merchant Accounts
  1. Enable Paypal

    If you wish to allow Paypal be accepted for your club, turn on the Paypal switch under Processing Options on the Braintree Gateway. This will prompt you to log on to your Paypal account. To link your Paypal Account, logon to your Paypal account and supply the URL's for your club's privacy policy and terms of use.

Club Options

Club Nbr
A unique number assigned by the system that identifies a specific club. This number will be used to link to a specific club.
Club Name
The name of the club.
Mailing address of the club.
Email address for club. This will also be the Logon ID for club administration.
Admin Password
The password for club administration.
Phone Number
Main contact number for the club. Format: 999-999-9999
Club Type
Identifies the type of club which determines which features are available as well as pricing.


  • Other / Basic Membership Management
    • Basic club management with no extra options.
    • Membership sign up
    • Dues payment processing
    • Auto-renewal
    • Membership messaging
    • Membership directory
    • Club document repository
  • Yacht Club
    • Basic Membership Management plus sailing club options
    • Fleet Database
    • Regatta Entry and Scoring
Terms and Conditions
You must accept the Terms and conditions to use this service
A free form text area for the club home page. You may use HTML markup to format this page, link to images, etc.
Liability Waiver
A free form text area to add a liability waiver for your club. This will be the default liability waiver for all events.
Max File Upload Size
The maximum size of file accepted in KB. The max is 9,999 KB and is the default. Large files may cause slow downloads for some members, so this can be reduced if desired to limit file size.
Payment Processer
If you wish to accept online payments you may do so with either Paypal or Braintree (recommended). We can set these options for you.

Payment Information

Once you've setup your basic club options, you will be directed to enter your payment information for eT Club Manager service. You may pay with either a Credit Card or Paypal and will be charged monthly. You can revise this payment method or cancel service from a link on your club options page.

Membership Plans

You will need to define at least one membership plan type for members to sign up.

The identifier for the plan, 1-10 alpha characters. ex: F for a Family membership.
Short description for the membership plan. Ex: "Family"
Select desired length of membership plan.
Type Expiration
Annual Expires 1 year from the date the member joins.
Lifetime Never Expires. Auto-renewal not available.
Monthly Expires 1 month from the date the member joins.
Quarterly Expires 3 months from the date the member joins.
Seasonal Expires on the date set in field Expiration Date.
Weekly Expires 1 week from the date the member joins. Not eligible for auto-renew.
Expiration Mon Day
The month and day a seasonal membership expires. Ex: Jun 30
The US Dollar amount for the membership dues on this plan. A $0 plan is valid.
Allow Auto Renew
Only valid if using the Braintree payment processor. This will enable auto-renewal for the plan.
Checking this will close the plan to new members. Any members who elected auto-renewal with this plan will continue to auto-renew until the membership plan type is changed for that member.
Checking this will cause the membership plan to appear first in the drop down list for new members when they join.
Checking this will prevent the plan from appearing to any member that doesn't have Assistant Manager or higher access level. For example, if you wanted to setup an "honorary" membership, you wouldn't want members to be able to select that plan themselves.

The following urls may be used to publish to your members or post on your website. Please substitute your Club Number for XXXX. Be sure to use https so the information is secure.

Regatta List

Website Integration

The eT Club Manager service can be integrated into your existing club website by imbedding the above links with your Club Number in an HTML iframe. Be sure to specify https so the iframe is secure.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="1500px"></iframe>